Asbestos Surveys Camden

Asbestos Surveys Camden

Fully qualified testing & surveying across Camden by fully trained HSE licensed asbestos surveyors. Sampling & testing of all suspected hazardous materials.


    Asbestos Survey Reports

    At KD Asbestos, we carry out comprehensive asbestos sampling, laboratory testing and survey reports in Camden.

    From our advantageously located head offices in Kent, we’re just a matter of minutes away from Camden to carry out all types of fully HSE licensed asbestos surveys in residential, commercial & industrial premises.

    We offer a range of various asbestos testing services, including standard sample testing of suspected ACM’s, to comprehensive asbestos management surveys and asbestos refurbishment & demolition surveys.

    All of our services are performed in compliance with the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) by a highly trained team who are leaders in the field of recognising and removing hazardous asbestos material at source.

    Camden Asbestos Surveys

    All surveys undertaken by KD Asbestos align with recognised industry standards issued by HSE document HSG264, and the Control of Asbestos Regulations Act 2012.

    It’s now a lawful requirement in the UK to manage asbestos containing materials within all business buildings, plus specific domestic locations where occupied areas are present.

    All reports issued by our surveyors are undemanding and simple to comprehend, outlining clear guidance on locations where asbestos has been identified within your property, along with details of asbestos type, quantity and present condition. The survey will contain a total analysis of our discoveries with recommendations, plus a full laboratory report of materials tested and an asbestos register of the building.

    Nowadays, asbestos surveys are becoming more frequent for homebuyers, leaseholders and freeholders planning to buy, sell or occupy a Camden premises, with solicitors insisting both parties get an asbestos survey carried out during the beginning stages prior to exchange and completion.

    Whether you require a one-off asbestos survey for a single dwelling, or have numerous buildings requiring thorough inspection, we are more than happy to help. With fully equipped teams ready to go right across the whole of Camden, our experts can be with you quickly to inspect your building.

    Asbestos Surveyor Wearing Hazmat Suit

    Camden Asbestos Inspections

    Removing Corrugated Asbestos Roof Panels

    If you’ve already had an asbestos survey conducted, you should have critical information on hand such as a Material Hazard Assessment, which provides a clear indication of how probable an asbestos containing material (ACM) is to discharging airborne fibres.

    It is then up to the duty holder to determine the specific risk that each asbestos containing material (ACM) poses based on the level of use in the area where it was found, and then to produce an Asbestos Management Plan.

    As part of the ongoing management of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), continual surveillance post asbestos survey is required at regular intervals. Any ACM discovered or suspected ACM will need to be inspected periodically to check that it has not deteriorated or sustained breakages. As a minimum, ACMs should be checked every six to twelve months.

    Camden Asbestos Testing

    Asbestos analysis must form part of every asbestos inspection survey, no matter what type of premises is concerned.

    All suspect materials should be sampled by a fully accredited asbestos surveyor, and then carefully discarded to be taken away for review using microscopy techniques at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

    Under normal circumstances, asbestos test results are usually ready for oversight within 48 hours with a certificate of analysis outlining the types of asbestos found within the sample material tested.

    Taking Asbestos Samples

    Do you need an asbestos survey? Let us help!

    We have the capability to provide a high quality and efficient service, to locate and identify any suspect hazardous materials. Our service is fast and efficient, backed up by extremely competitive rates. So speak to KD Asbestos first!