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TEAMS Survey Web Portal

Our portal grants you control of client report data, including asbestos surveys and air test certificates, risk assessments, the monitoring of reports, quotations & invoices.


    Do You Own Several Sites or Properties?

    If you own several sites or residential properties, KD Asbestos can provide you access to TEAMS’ web portal. This grants you control of client reports, data including asbestos surveys and air test certificates, risk assessments, the monitoring of reports and invoices and quotations. This is published automatically as work and events progress through TEAMS.
    There are a variety of features that have been developed to bring tailored information from the TEAMS system to KD Asbestos’ clients through interactive user experience.

    Asbestos Survey Teams Software 2020

    See Below Some Key Features

    Filter by Risk

    • With TEAMS web portal you can view a snapshot of all sites and households in your portfolio that can be sorted by risk.
    • In the latest update, there are ‘quick links’ to the latest survey reports for each individual site, latest bulk sample reports, links to the interactive survey views and access to any additional third party site documents stored on the portal.

    Real-Time Project Reporting and Breakdown

    • With TEAMS, you can automatically report large scale project work. This is also accessible to clients, allowing them to monitor progress as any work is carried out.
    • As work progresses a ‘status’ is updated automatically against each site/household letting your clients see immediately at what stage in the process each individual site is currently at, for example, scheduling work, onsite work, analysis and the final approval.

    Survey Explorer

    • TEAMS web portal offers interactive options and tools alongside the basic static reports, allowing you to navigate surveys by risk, location and more. This allows you to interact with information from within the reports in an expandable hierarchy. For example, when viewing information or reports on your sites or households you can view it by: building-by-building, floor-by-floor and room-by-room.
    • TEAMS also use an interactive, distinctive colour coding for quick identification and other features such as photographic evidence are also included.
    Survey Explorer Interface

    Client-Side Management

    • This allows your clients to manage their own asbestos surveys online.
    • Clients can manage and update their own risk assessments within your sites and households, ensuring the records are kept up to date.
    • As adjustments are made, the risk scores and ratings are automatically updated to give a realistic representation of the item, room and building in question.

    Extensive Search and Filter Tools

    Search and filter tools have been updated to allow specific information, such as individual reports, or groups of information, for example, reports for a whole area to be accessed in a swift and straight forward way.

    The web portal allows you to search and filter on;

    • survey reports
    • bulk sample reports
    • appointments
    • invoices
    • quotations
    • site addresses
    • client order numbers and more.

    Tailored Reports Diary

    TEAMS’ appointment’s diary allows yourself and your clients to see what is scheduled for specific sites or houses and any future arrangements, without the need for calls to the office.

    Quotations and invoices

    • TEAMS portal allows online quote and invoice access for both customers and clients.
    • Quotes or invoices produced by the office are automatically available through the web portal.
    • Past quotations and invoices are also held on the portal for future referencing.
    Diary Interface

    For information on more features, examples, and infographics, visit the TEAMS website, or call us today on 01622 919012.

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